Waterproof vehicle awnings usually comprise of a plastic coated fabric or a plastic film. These not only keep the rain off the car, but also trap condensation between the body and the awning. This keeps off moisture which could damage the paintwork. The plastic canopy is mainly used for storing a vehicle over winter. Most types come with a flannel cloth which goes over the body and an exterior plastic shield which keeps the varmints from nesting on the fabric.

There are also other water resistant canopies which are also breathable. These are available in various weights, types and fabrics. These canopies keep out most of the moisture but allow circulation of air thus preventing condensation. Ultraviolet screens may also be woven into the mesh to provide protection against solar degradation.

There are also composite canopies which use a breathable polyester/nylon www.carstream.us fabric with a foamed inner lining which is usually made of acrylic. This type of awning works by filtering the water to clean it before it can reach the surface. Such canopies are usually light and easy to install/remove. However, they don’t offer protection against acid rain which could also harm a vehicle’s bodywork.

You could also opt for a polyester/cotton canopy. These are available in both regular cloth and flannel styles. Due to the abrasive nature of polyester fibers, the canopy may leave scratches on the bodywork. As such, cotton awnings are more popular, especially for indoor use. Plain canopies are also preferable because their flannel counterparts have linings where lint balls may form.

Hail resistant canopies are ideal for long-term outdoor use. Hail may inflict a lot of damage to a car’s bodywork. The tiny dents left after a storm are impossible to remove and usually stand out like a sore thumb, especially on a pricey automobile. Such canopies usually sell at double the price of their conventional counterparts. Finding the right hail resistant cover for your vehicle will definitely require some effort and research.

You may find a hail resistant car cover at a local dealership. However, a more convenient method would be to shop online. Here, you can do a quick search for hail resistant awnings and find many dealers offering various. Don’t choose a cover based solely on price. Cheap products will offer insufficient protection. Also, look for one that is treated to resist mildew and mold. It should also be sufficiently thick to shield against dings and dents but soft to provide a smooth texture against the paint finish.


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