There are various junctures in the natural duration of a company when merchant capital becomes a driving requirement to stay open or to grow. Whether the small business owner needs funding to remain afloat or more funding later in the duration of the business to grow and succeed, locating funding can be tough.

A business cash advance can be attained through many different places Edwin Urrutia. Family and friends, traditional bank loans, credit card advances and more, are all valid selections. Even still, for a small business owner that has established themselves in their business for at least six months, there is the selection of acquiring financing through a merchant cash advance as well.

A lot of entrepreneurs find that utilizing the collateral of their future credit card revenues they can receive fast, solid funding. The most important condition in getting this type of funding is a history of credit card processing receipts using your monthly merchant statements. Surely, small business owners requiring these methods of funding are usually pretty young in age, and therefore won’t be approved for a traditional bank loans. Fortunately, small business cash advances, those less than $200,000 per business location, are readily available through various merchant account agents.

When a small business owner receives working capital from these type of lenders, the payment terms are ultimately binding to credit card transactions as seen on a daily basis. That is a particular benefit in the current economic climate, as transactions one month can differ greatly from transactions in another month. An agreed upon part of sales called the “daily capture” goes to paying off the balance instead of a fixed amount.


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