There are different types of skin on different people. There is normal, dry, oily and scaly skin. Each type needs its special regime of treatment to keep it in good condition. Dry skin is no exception; it requires regular care to ensure that it does not continue to stay too dry.


When one has dry skin, it may imply that the christine byer skin lacks the required natural oil that is necessary to maintain the moistness. It is not necessary to accept dry skin; one can take on the right treatments of remedy. The body has a natural way to keep itself moisturized; it secretes body oil which serves as natural moisturizers to keep the body smooth. Sweat is another way to keep the body moist, without being excessive.

Sufficient moisture is required on the skin to keep it elastic; otherwise, the dryness can make the skin very susceptible to harmful attacks from the environment changes. If the skin does not secrete enough natural oil to keep itself moist, it can become dry and scaly. It may start peeling off and form scars over time. That really will be unattractive, with blotches all over the body.

The skin becomes overly sensitive to environmental factors that speed up aging. This makes the skin look dull, faded and unattractive.

Regular Routines

It is necessary to adopt a good and effective care routine, exercised diligently on a regular basis for the sake of the skin. Since dry implies a lack of oily lipids and water, the best approach to correct this is to take care of the sebaceous glands in the skin. They must be encouraged to produce sufficient fatty lipids to form the layer of protective film for the skin.

This natural layer will keep the elastic. Hence, the skin is protected from harmful external factors and it will not dry out easily. Prevent dry skin at a young age, as the fatty lipid production tends to drop, as one grows older.

There should be a proper cleansing routine every morning, to get rid of the impurities on the skin and to avoid drying out the this. The natural active ingredients must be maintained to keep the elasticity and rule out dry skin.

Cleansing should also take place when makeup is used.

Night creams are very useful to smooth out wrinkles, while stimulating the cells as one rests at night. The natural vegetative extracts function to restore and moisturize the skin, to prevent dry skin from occurring.


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