Almost every kid has a personal tutor coaching them in their school work and preparing them for exams. More parents are engaging private tutors for their children, either because they do not have time to coach their children or they do not know the current educational curriculum. Therefore many engage undergraduates, graduates or full-time tutors to go their houses for private coaching.

Today, parents are placing more pressure on their children as they understand the competitiveness of society. If their children lag behind in their studies, they are bound to be eliminated from society because reality is cruel. Even though every child is given equal opportunity in schools, but they still have to do extremely well to stand out from the crowd. Parents are no longer satisfied with marks in the band 2 range; they want their children to score a high Band 1, to be top 3 in class, etc. They want their kids to learn faster than the school curriculum so that their children can score in school assessments as their private tutors have already taught them. Therefore this explains the rise in home chinese tuition woodlands services, parents are not only demanding their children to do well but also demanding the tutors to make sure their kids do well. Private tutors now must have good academic records and experience, in order to be selected for assignments.

Nowadays, demands for home tuition way exceed the supply of private tutors, this result in higher tuition rates. The average market rate is about 20 per hour for primary level. Private tutors, especially the undergraduates are also demanding such rate, tuition assignments with rates below 20 will probably be lowly looked upon by the undergraduates. However, home tuition is only available to those who are willing to pay, mainly the middle and higher income families. These parents are more highly educated, thus they place more emphasis on their children academic achievements. Not only focusing on their academic sphere, parents also sign up other educational courses such as speech and drama for their children. They hope to give their children a more holistic development. Learning starts from young, thus for many children, home tuition is provided to them when they are in their lower primary level. There is a need to strengthen the children foundation on subjects such as English and Mathematics from young because as their educational level increase, the problem sums will only get harder. Thus it is important to have strong foundation.

Home tuition is more popular than tuition centers because home tuition is usually engaged within the premises of the children and it is more of a 1-1 basis, unlike tuition centre, where students are placed in group tuition. Every child has different learning abilities, if placed in group tuition, the child may not be given full attention by the tutor and may either hasten or slow down the tuition rate. This will definitely not help the child in his/her academic pursue. Also, some children are too shy to speak up in group tuition and may be overshadowed by other outspoken children. Thus engaging in home tuition will be a much wiser choice for most parents.


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