Every person, young and old, loves the idea of being transported to a tropical oasis for a day. When it’s not possible to hop a flight to a secluded destination, the next best thing is to create a sunny respite in your own home. This is why we know that your child will just love a Hawaiian Luau themed party for her next birthday. She, and all of her guests, will feel like they’re on an exotic vacation for a day.

Tropical Invitations

Begin by giving guests a little bit of a glimpse at your colorful theme with your invitations. You may wish to send invites with a picture of a hula girl. In Hawaii, hula girls are often depicted as little girls with huge smiles and round bellies- they are adorable! Hula lessons are also common in Hawaii for girls between the ages of 6 and 12, so if your daughter falls into this age group, she may particularly enjoy a hula themed party.

If you would like to focus on more of a scenic theme, you can decorate your invitations with paper flower cut outs in bright colors such as yellow and orange, or ocean waves in bright blue. Make sure that the invitation includes information that is integral to your theme, such as whether you would like the guests to arrive in Hawaiian Outfit For Men.

Set the scene for your Luau

When your guests arrive, make sure to greet each one by saying “aloha!” In the Hawaiian language this means “greetings!” If you’re feeling adventurous, you may wish to also try “welcome,” which is,”e komo mai.” In the traditional Hawaiian spirit, you should also place a lei around each guest’s neck when she arrives. You can find pre-made leis that are made from plastic, or silk flowers. Or, you can also make your own out of silk or felt flowers, colored tissue paper, and adornments such as beads and crystals.

Make sure to have the appropriate soundtrack playing when your guests arrive. The Beach Boys, or the soundtrack to South Pacific are good choices. You can even find CDs of authentic Hawaiian music, too, if you’d like.

Aloha To Decorations

It is easy to make your own decorations when you are planning a Hawaiian Luau. The focus is on bright cheery colors, and earthy accents such as flowers, ocean waves, sea shells, and green grasses.

With your decorations, your goal is to transport your guests to a tropical paradise. If you are partying outdoors, this is a great opportunity to use Tiki torches and sand boxes. If you are having a pool party, arrange the decor around the pool.

If your party will be indoors, try decorating the walls with images of palm trees. You can create your own palm frond by cutting out strips of green construction paper then taping them to cardboard paper towel rolls. Fake birds and monkeys can hang from the ceiling.

Line your tables with grass or straw table skirts. Real pineapples and coconuts make a great centerpiece. If you know a friend who has a surfboard, see if you can borrow it to prop it up by your front door. Or, cut one out of Styrofoam for a safe alternative, (real surfboards are pretty heavy!) Your local florist may be willing to give you a discount on pots of tropical flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, red ginger, or birds of paradise. If not, silk flowers are always a terrific option.



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