The palm tree elicits a very distinct mood and sense of place. Immersed in an environment of palm trees, people are immediately transported to the calming mindsets we often associate with exotic beaches and tropical vacations. For interior landscape designers, artificial silk palm trees can be used to replicate these kinds of environments while providing a variety of functional benefits. Below are a few ideas for your next project.

Create a Theme

Use silk palm trees as the driver for powerful jungle, beach, and buy tropical plants in NY themes. As there are a variety of palm tree species, make sure to research which Palms will express your vision most appropriately. The Areca palm, for example, is found naturally in the humid forests of Asia and is perfect for jungle or rainforest themes. Butterfly palms, on the other hand, more closely resemble the coconut palms natural to the beaches of Florida and other vacation locales. With the appropriate artificial palms specified, round out your theme with mosses, grasses and other supporting plants.

Mess with Stress

Even if you aren’t adding a full-scale beach or jungle theme, you can strategically place silk palms in a commercial space to invoke feelings of relaxation and calmness. Integrating palms into a lobby area will help break the ice with prospective clients. Interspersed throughout an office, palms can make for a unique, creative environment for employees, reducing everyday stress while increasing productivity.

Add Texture

For commercial spaces lacking personality, use silk palm trees to inject a little character. Perfect for malls or other public areas, an exotic palm like the Giant Fishtail will spice up your space and can provide a elegant counterbalance to an otherwise staid environment.

Provide A Screen

In addition to conjuring a specific mood and sense of place, denser artificial palm trees can cover up unsightly building areas and divide spaces. Palms with lush foliage along the entire trunk line like the Kentia and Rhapsis will pull double duty expressing a distinct personality while shaping your space.


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