Food is not just for the stomach, it is for the mind and soul too… That’s the reason that we want it delicious! Or make one that tastes amazingly good! And, this taste extends to the backdrop and settings where it is served…

Here, the diner wants to explore more! The food and catering industry has to keep pace with the explorers… For the industry, every day is a challenge; each day is experimented! The next day is always framed new, it has to be dynamic!!

As said, that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, to kill boredom, the food and catering industry gurus had to bring new ideas! And, out of innovations emerged, new trends!

Interactive dining and pop up restaurants happened as a mutation that evolved out of the changing psyche of the diners, who wants more in their food eating experience… Creativity, combined with technology has made these innovations possible!

Interactive dining

It is the latest in dining experience… where gadget meets gastronomy! The height of collaboration of food and digital technology!

The dining table is made as a large smart tablet, and protected with a strong glass, as strong as that even a kid can sit or play on it. Yes, the surface is very hard to break! Got your drinks spilled, don’t worry; the table is water and chemical proof too! The glass panel is installed on a strong steel body that replaces the legs of the table!

You can interact with the table like how you do it with a smart phone or a tablet! You can order your food, pay the bill with your cards and do lot more, like listening to music, browse web, download and explore different apps! And, playing games is a real fun, here!!

Want to know the weather outside, update your world news or read your favorite author? Everything is possible with your digital table!

The customer can also take photographs, a selfie and upload it on social media websites. A built-in high quality camera serves your purpose!

The table is operated by touching with your fingers… The touch screen is so sensitive that even a gloved finger can do the magic! The surface can figure out even the slightest differences between different objects like fingers, hands, plates, cups, bags that come into contact with it.

The technology used is called IRT technology – Interactive Restaurant Technology, and is still being developed to suit different occasions and people!

With interactive dining, waiting for the food at the table is no more a pain. Here, you feel you want that extra time to interact with your favorite table!

Popup Restaurants

Another novel dining concept that is a huge hit, not only among the private hirers, but also in the circle of big event managers and corporate establishments…

Popup restaurants are instant restaurants that pop up in a place that gels the food and setting… where, sometimes, food is served in an unusual and contrast locality to give a different dining experience! Parks to malls, or factories to warehouses, wherever there is enough space these restaurants just pop up!

Creativity reaches its pinnacle in the designs of popup restaurants. The designer sets the dining place according to the taste of the hirer and customer, the environment where it is set, and also the occasion and type of food served.

Setting up an exquisite ambience according to the desire of the customers and hirers is a big challenge… The restaurant setting is made perfect with colorful lights, neatly arranged tables, chairs and other properties, and the right kind of music that enhances the situation!

Served stylish, the high quality food is crafted to perfection, to satisfy the taste of each and every individual. You are tempted to do the sin act. You will become a food sinner, a gourmand of high order!

Food tastes good when served fresh… Food served in this concept tastes no different. It is served as fresh as it is served in restaurants.

At the start of this millennium, this concept became very popular in the west, and spread all over the world in no time… Still, it is one of the most popular and delightful dining experiences among many!


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