Unlike shares or other investments property is not easily turned into cash when you most need it usually in a depressed or recessionary market. This is a major defect of property as an investment in that it is not liquid enough to dispose of quickly.

With the collapse of the world Marana AZ Realtors property market, the collapse of the banks and access to finance and the dodgy real estate dealers the confidence of investors has been dented. There is only one way to entice investors and that is on price. Give someone a good enough bargain and no matter what the economic circumstances an investor somewhere will find you. The natural instinct is to try to hold on until the market recovers. However in the current world recession that could take a very long time. Obviously the advice is not to sell at the bottom of the current market but if you have to you need a strategy.

You need to ensure that you home is priced to sell at the best value for investors or for the rare home mover or first time buyer.

You need to accentuate the positive aspects of your property and find nice buyers looking for those attributes. Is it good for the retiree or the first time buyer or the young family moving up. Then focus on your market segment and price to sell to that market. You cannot hold an emotional attachment to the property, unless of course it is your family home. You cannot believe that you love and hard work that went into the property should be repaid. There is a current market price and you need to mentally except this and move on.

You need to consider all bids and got get personally insulted with very low bids or someone testing your resolve. Investors rather than home buyers will be looking for the best bargain, which is why it is preferable to attempt to attract home buyers. Investors however, are not trying to insult you they are negotiating so you must negotiate in return.

Selling property in a depressed market can be a disappointing and gut wrenching experience but it is often necessary for one reason or another. Unexpected expenses arise and money is needed when it is needed. This is after all why we make these investments in the first place, to be able to handle the unexpected twists and turns that life tosses our way.



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