For centuries people have entertained in their homes for various reasons. Many of these gatherings are formal events, social gatherings, holiday festivities, and family get-togethers. Whatever the reason it’s always been part of every culture regardless of geography. However in recent years it’s seen a revival as people are realizing how disconnected we have become as a society.

Technology is everywhere and for the past 20 years we’ve been embracing every new gadget, TV upgrade, media craze, and social networking site with glee. However as we went down this road we began to lose touch with family members and friends. Sure we could still talk to one another but the actual human interaction was decreasing. Recently with the decline of the economy people are realizing that people matter most and are starting to entertain in their homes again.

This belief isn’t something that can be categorized into political or religious ideologies, but is something that is deeply rooted in human nature. Humans are social creatures and although we can deal with being alone for extended periods of time we need interaction with other humans to help us stay healthy. This interaction can be anything from simply playing a game of cards every Friday night to watching a movie with the entire extended family every so often.

One of the joys of entertaining is being able to cook for a multitude of friends and loved ones as well. While this may sound a bit silly many people both women and men enjoy cooking for their friends and family. This cooking can be simple burgers that take a few minutes to complex meals that take a few hours. Regardless of how long it takes to prepare food most of us are just happy to have guests and provide for them.

Holidays in particular are events where you’ll find a lot of good cooking when it comes entertaining. Family members all have their own unique recipes and someone’s aunt always brings that special pecan pie to the table with them. Of course before the main meal is served most people offer snacks like crackers, cheeseballs, fruits, and veggies. This is just one example of holiday entertaining and everybody’s family has their own variations.

Aside from the social and mental benefits of entertaining it can also serve another purpose. Having your friends and family over often gives you a chance to strengthen your bonds with them. These bonds are what get you through those tough times in life and most of us don’t put as much effort into them as we should. All you have to do is spend some time with them and talk.

Despite the importance society puts on technology at the end of the day all you have is your family and friends. Entertaining allows you to get together with them to relax, have fun, celebrate the holidays, and just hang out. It’s important to do this often because when times get rough they will need to rely on you, and you will need to rely on them. Remember you don’t need a special occasion to have people over, simply tell them their coming over and fix dinner for them.

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