Travel vouchers can provide businesses with extra leverage at exactly the right time for a fraction of the cost of normal client acquisition or retention methods. Free travel vouchers offered by airlines and hotels provide valuable motivation in the form of a free vacation – a gift that few can afford to give. However, with no-cost vacation certificates businesses have a rare opportunity to offer something of importance as an incentive to sign for new business or continue with an existing relationship. There are 7 primary ways that these certificates can be used as business incentives:

1.) As Employee Rewards

Businesses that value their employees are often the most successful because happy employees usually equal happy customers. However, it can be difficult and cost-prohibitive to reward employees in ways that they truly deserve. Free travel vouchers alleviate this concern by offering the best thing you can give your workers: a vacation. And with the extremely low cost of certificate printing rights, you can offer these incentives on a regular basis. With printing rights starting at just $9, this is one of the most effective ways to reward your employees – and ultimately your clients.

2.) As Charitable Rewards

Most people don’t need a reward for their charitable donations. However, some people do need a little extra motivation to actually make the donation and a free vacation is a fairly easy way to accomplish this. In fact, some charities have driven the pace of donations to a feverish pitch by auctioning free takeaway voucher. In this way a charity can offer something of value without incurring any real expense, and contributors feel like they’re getting an incredible reward.

3.) As Purchase Incentives

Purchasing big-ticket items like a house or a car can be a time of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, buyers develop a case of “analysis paralysis” and cannot bring themselves to make such a big decision- especially not if there is any sales pressure. However, the promise of a free vacation after the buying process can be a powerful motivator and can be the deciding factor between buying from you or your competitor.

4.) As a Closing Technique

Salespeople who sell face-to-face usually have just one chance to make a pitch and close the sale. If their deal isn’t convincing enough or is equivalent to that of another provider, talks can be stymied unless you develop some advantage. Using free travel vouchers as a closing technique is exceptionally effective and can be used to close the deal in stages, starting with just an offer of free airfare, then progressing to a hotel stay, then finally the ultimate offer: free airfare and a 7-night resort stay in a 5 star facility.

5.) As Authority Establishment

Travel agents need to establish their authority right away with their clients. One of the most effective ways to do this is to offer access to a special deal: if a client signs for a two week stay at a resort, airfare will be free. Then depending on the coupon printing rights of the agent, he/she can offer a number of different special deals for clients that they won’t be able to easily obtain elsewhere. Travel agents can also offer free travel vouchers to established clients who return for repeat business.

6.) As a Gift for Attendance

Today’s consumer is wary of anything that resembles a sales seminar. This means that it can be exceedingly difficult to get people to your event- even if there’s no cost to attend. By offering free airfare or hotel stays you can provide motivation for people to give your presentation a shot. And even if those people don’t end up converting, the cost of coupon printing rights is so low that it won’t really matter much.

7.) As a Gift for New Clients

Keeping a client is hard enough, but acquiring new clients is not only difficult; it’s often simply too expensive. Often margins in certain industries are so thin from one business to another that there isn’t much to compel a consumer to choose one over another. Free travel vouchers change this rapidly as they are a great deal more valuable than the typical trinkets that some businesses will use to entice new clients.


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