As the business of applying for  Visas grows, with the emergence of Immigration service providers, the number of complaints and bad reviews about Visa and Immigration service providers has also seen a dramatic rise.


For every decent  Visa and Immigration service that exists, there are ultimately a few rogue operations that are set up, designed to target people who are vulnerable and desperate. Visa and Immigration issues come into this category of exploiting those who face desperate circumstances.

For many, getting a Visa is a matter of life and death and in such circumstances people will pay extortionate amounts of money to get a Visa and in turn there are people who will manipulate this to their advantage.

Most reputable  Visa and Immigration services are registered and accredited by the OISC, but even then some slip through the net and aim to take advantage of people. This leads to a number of disgruntled people taking to review forums and a rise in complaints about the industry sector.

Here’s how a reputable Visa and Immigration service can deal with complaints and bad reviews

Visa and Immigration Law is a complex system as it is, but with the addition of Immigration service providers all vying to ‘help’, Immigration finds that it is now dealing with complaints from applicants who have used outside services.

Immigration services have become big business and in such a competitive market you will find that many bogus operations will use the name of reputable companies as their front and competitors will seek to tarnish the reputation of their rivals. Some will even go as far as pretending to be the  Border Agency in order to generate business.

In turn, this leaves people using these services confused and extremely irritated at being ripped off. Frustrations then start to boil over and on many occasions perfectly legitimate and reputable companies often find their names being tarnished on review forums because of the actions of another business or an individual.

The best way that a us visa Visa and Immigration service provider can tackle this problem is to face it head on. Being completely transparent with customers will build an element of trust and a line of communication with which they can combat complaints and bad reviews.

If a reputable Visa and Immigration service provider receives a genuine complaint about their company, they should do everything they can to resolve it. Avoiding the issue will only infuriate customers even more and give them grounds to classify them as a bogus company.

The key thing in re-establishing reputation and improving customer service is to learn from mistakes and sometimes the only way to do that is to hold up your hands and admit that a mistake has been made. Customers will respect that far more than hearing scripted sales talk.

In theory, a reputable company will not be afraid to tackle a complaint or deal with a bad review. It’s about how a company resolves the issue as opposed to reacting to it. Reacting or debating with a customer who has a complaint will only strengthen their resolve and will lead to them posting a negative review.


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