Some therapeutic-quality gemstones are readily available whenever we want them, but the majority tends to be difficult to find. They may be sold in only very small quantities, or they’ll go off the market unexpectedly, or their quality may not meet therapeutic standards. Among those that we can purchase just about any time include: Carnelian, Onyx, Clear Quartz, Agate, and Citrine, to name a few. I don’t take these gems for granted, however, because any number of things can happen to cut off supply.

Gems Come and Go

It seems that the Earth provides gemstones in cycles. Certain mines become exhausted and their Aquamarin gemstones are simply no longer available. It may be years if not decades before a new deposit is located. Indigo and Rhodocrosite were unavailable for many years for this reason.

Political turmoil is another critical factor that governs gemstone availability. Afghanistan has tremendous mineral resources, but exporting gems like Azurite-Malachite and Lapis Lazuli has been nearly impossible these past few years. The market is responding in unfortunate ways. It is creating Azurite-Malachite by fusing the two individual minerals together, and dying poor quality Lapis to improve its color. Of course, neither of these solutions produces therapeutic material.

Another problem occurs when a gemstone becomes unavailable, but suppliers keep its name and substitute gems that look similar. This is what happened when Poppy Jasper became unavailable several years ago. Today, if you order Poppy Jasper, make sure you don’t get Red Jasper and/or another type of reddish jasper in its place. Poppy Jasper has a speckled appearance and clearly displays three colors in every bead (a red background with black, white, and/or ochre). Red Jasper is red and black only, and another jasper often substituted for Poppy Jasper contains red, black, and a grayish mineral.

While some gemstones disappear for a while, new gemstones are occasionally discovered. Tanzanite entered the market in the late 1960’s, and more recently Lilac Quartz, Finest Carnelian, and Rosellite. We are always grateful when something special becomes available. Lately, certain batches of extremely nice Rutilated Quartz, Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite, and Pink Sapphire have been pleasant surprises.

Therapeutic Quality

Finding a gemstone is one thing, finding material that meets therapeutic-quality parameters is another story. In every batch of rough that is uncovered from the Earth, the bulk of it will be non-therapeutic. Only a fraction has the color, clarity, and candescence that is suitable for making into healing gems. Proper quality is essential in order to capture the true essence of a healing gemstone’s frequencies. Flaws and inclusions can reduce the gem’s potential.

However, we believe that every gemstone has a mission and a purpose. Those gemstones that are unable to serve therapeutically will eventually fulfill their calling as common jewelry.

Our advice is to purchase gemstones as your body calls for them to support your health and well-being, and trust that the Earth will provide exactly what you need. The avid collector may want to obtain rare gemstones before they become unavailable, either as necklaces or the more-affordable bracelet or therapy strand, or in parcels of eight single gems. The single gems can be used for single sphere therapy which includes making and applying custom gemstone mandalas for yourself and others.


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