Color contact lenses are great fun, they can help you change your appearance completely or just add a little touch, making your eyes more interesting. Find out what best Korea colored contacts are available on the market and which type is best for you.

Even though all best color contact lenses work pretty much the same way – they filter all light leaving only the color that is required, there are several different types of colored contacts.

Best opaque color contact lenses

As the name suggests opaque lenses are not at all transparent, so they can provide a dramatic change no matter what is your original eye color. The solid color of the lens covers your iris (the colored part of your eye), but the center is left clear, so you can see without trouble. If you want to change your eyes color from brown to light blue or green opaque lenses is your best option.

Best opaque lenses that provide natural look are Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook One Day, Acuvue 2 Colors and Durasoft 2 Colors.

Colored lenses with enhancement tints

These types of contacts are nearly transparent, therefore they do not provide a dramatic change to your eye color. They are used to enhance your natural color, making your eyes sparkling and more interesting. For example Freshlook Radiance and Acuvue Enhancers can really transform any person with naturally light eyes.

Enhancement contacts are best color contacts for light eyes, as they provide very beautiful, yet absolutely natural look. On dark eyes, however, enhancement tint lenses don’t make much difference.

Contacts with visibility tints

These lenses are usually very pale translucent blue or green color, so that the person wearing them can easily see the lens in the solution. Most modern contact lenses have a slight visibility tint. The important thing is that they do not really provide any color change and look absolutely transparent, when you wear them. So even if the lens looks slightly blue, it will not have any effect on your eye color unless the box specifically says “color contact lenses”

Tinted contacts for sport

There is one more type of contacts that filter light, even though just like the visibility tints they don’t alter your eye color. These are lenses recommended to sportsmen who play in the bright sun. The lens simply provides better visibility and greater UV protection, while reducing the glare. Athletes usually don’t want to wear sunglasses, so these special lenses are very useful for anybody who enjoys sport and other outdoor activities.

Disposable vs. annual colored contacts

You can get cosmetic contact lenses as traditional annual wear, disposable (which you need to replace once every month or two weeks) and even daily disposable. When colored lenses only appeared on the market majority of them were extended wear lenses, because the cost of their production was quite high. These days, color contacts are fairly cheap to make, so that monthly disposable and daily disposable color contacts are the most popular.

The quality of lenses has dramatically improved as well. If 15 years ago most colored lenses looked rather unnatural, these days you can get very naturally looking colored contacts in blue, green and any other color you can imagine. Even daily disposable look very good, despite their price per pare.

Here to buy cheap color contacts

As with so many other products, the best way to get your colored contacts cheep is online. There are hundreds of respectable, established companies that sell contact lenses through the internet. Of course, you can also order them through your optometrist, but that would cost you much more. So the best way to get your lenses is to get prescription from an eye doctor, then find your prescribed cosmetic contacts online.



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