Many people want to learn how to draw. And a popular cartooning expertise is how to draw caricaturist London. How to draw caricature, starts with a love for drawing faces. There are many books that show how to draw people. I really enjoy the Jack Hamm books; they give you multiple ideas and techniques in drawing simple and detailed cartoons. If you want to know how to draw a car, how to draw the Marvel way, is great for cars, helicopters, plane and space age gizmos. When teaching my students how to draw cartoons, I always work with different shapes and lines. The same is in how to draw a caricature, look at the shapes and lines in the face and try to represent the shapes and line direction. When looking to become a professional artist find your best current work for promotional art prints. Custom art prints sent to art directors are the best way to sell your drawing style. You can create portraits and landscape art prints, depending on the layout of your work.

Collecting famous art prints can influence your work and greatly contribute to the quality of your talent. Most of the framed art prints, I collect I see on a steady basis, which helps me creatively. I collect humorous art prints by Jack Davis and Mort Drucker of Mad Fame. Most of the art prints online, come unframed. Framing can become very expensive. I find art prints portraits of famous celebrities. These celebrity art prints can be very helpful in drawing your caricature art. Caricature drawings should always start out with a very lightly penciled sketch. Do not put too much detail in the initial caricature drawing. Try always to pick well known celebrities for your celebrity caricature. Drawing a lesser known actor, may prevent the public from recognizing the likeness you created. A custom caricature should always be your original work, but picking up on how other Caricature artists exaggerate the celebrity can be quite helpful. Most beginners exaggerate, just for the sake of exaggerating. If you want to become a caricature artist, try to find the most outstanding facial feature. A cartoon caricature should represent the person in exaggeration, but still maintain the likeness.

The most important factor is practice. A beginner can create a caricature for a gift, for friends and relatives. Caricature gifts created by an art student or hobbyist can be a cherished gift by your loved ones. Caricature cartoons can also be created digitally with programs such as Painter or Photoshop. A caricature gift can be drawn of a single individual or created as a group caricature. Photoshop can also create a photo caricature, stretching and distorting an actual photo of a face. The key to making a funny caricature is also in creating a theme or sport that ties into the persons interests. A caricature illustration can be as simple as a 5 minute drawing to works of art that take weeks to complete. Recently we have seen the rise of caricature software that creates a comical face from a photo. On Face book they have services that create a caricature free. The caricature free software can create a simple caricature portrait, But famous caricature artists still create their drawings from scratch. Ones ability to learn caricature can be helped by searching “how to draw” sites on Google. Google Images is also an online caricature treasure trove of classic comical images.


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