What makes a Viking sword better or different than any other sword? There are many ways to answer this question but I will sum it up for you with 5 simple but important factors.

Viking Swords are not only beautiful and perfect for display in your home or office. There are functional differences between ichigo bankai sword and samurai swords that you NEED to know.

Consider these five advantages of buying the perfect Viking sword:

1. If you buy a samurai sword, it will most likely come with a single-edged blade with a slight curve, which allows for excellent cutting power. However, many Viking swords come with double-edged blades that give you the ability to perform types of cuts that a samurai sword won’t do.

2. Viking swords usually have strong pommels made from solid steel or other metal. This feature is not only attractive to the eye, but also very useful in battle-type situations as a self-defense tool.

3. Your brand new Viking sword will probably have blood groove or “fuller”. What is the purpose of this?

Sword buyers often misunderstand the blood groove. This feature is mainly used in Viking swords to both lighten the weight of the sword and stiffen the overall construction. What this means to you is that your sword will be more practical for a wide range of uses and more resistant to breaking.

4. The guard of your Viking sword will usually be either straight or slightly curved. Both types of guards have advantages over samurai guards (tsubas) when it comes to defending against a variety of weapon attacks.

5. Viking swords today are mostly made with a single piece of high carbon steel. This is a big plus for you because you wont need to worry about sharpening your sword on a regular basis.

Remember that high carbon steel will rust easily if not cared for. You should lubricate your sword with a light coat of oil after every use to prevent rust and corrosion.


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