High school students who plan ahead will have a better chance of earning scholarship money in the future. Scholarships are not hard to earn if students know what is expected of them to qualify, and start at an early age with preparation. Starting preparation in the ninth grade is recommended in order to have an optimum opportunity for college assistance.

The number one requirement to earn most scholarships is to have a high grade point average throughout the entire high school career. Students should earn as many A’s and B’s as possible to qualify for most of the scholarships. The high end scholarships will require Students to have between a 3.5 to a 4.0 GPA to qualify. Students earning below a 3.0 may still qualify for some scholarships, but there will be fewer in number.

Another very important requirement for most scholarships is the standardized test score. Naturally, the higher the test score, the better the chances will be for the student to earn scholarships and be accepted into the college of his/her choice. The ACT is the most widely used test for scholarships and college entrance. However, the SAT is required by some schools as well. When applying to a college or university, the student should inquire as to whether or not the school prefers one or both standardized tests for entry. Most scholarships, however, will require a score of at least 21 on the ACT to qualify.

Because of the large number of applicants for scholarships, committees utilize a number of additional factors to determine who will qualify for their funds. They may put a large emphasis on the student’s leadership ability. Consequently, scholarship applicants should pursue different avenues of extra- curricular involvement while in high school. Being in a leadership position while in high school can be a bonus. Scholarship committees look for students who have demonstrated they don’t mind being in charge.

Another factor that is sometimes neglected by students is doing volunteer work. Volunteering in hospitals, senior citizen homes, neighborhood organizations and tutoring young students are only a few of the opportunities that can fulfill this category. This is a strong way to demonstrate to the committee that you don’t mind giving back.

Students who are active in their church demonstrate how well-grounded and well centered they are, which can go a long way in impressing the scholarship committee. This is also one of the factors that indicate a student’s readiness to embrace an active college life and to prepare for most eventualities in life.

The key to students earning scholarship money is developing a plan early in their high school career. Factors like having good grades, preparing for standardized tests, taking on leadership positions in and out of the school, and giving service to others even when payment is not involved. If students follow these general rules they will qualify for many of the scholarships available.


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