Before you make your final decision about possible work surfaces for your new kitchen, consider the many advantages which glass worktops have to offer. Before you assume that glass worktops must be fragile, delicate and unsuitable for your kitchen environment, think again. Because worktops made from glass are tough. Very tough.

In fact the toughened glass used in their construction is up to 19mm thick, and more than capable of withstanding almost anything you care to throw at it. It’s worth noting that when you watch TV chefs, professional caterers and restaurant cooks preparing food they almost invariably use glass chopping boards. This isn’t a coincidence.

Clearly none of them have any concerns about glass being fragile, despite spending hours a day chopping furiously with exceptionally sharp knives, placing hot pans of scalding liquids on them, dumping acidic substances like lemon juice and foods that stain such as beetroots on them. Such food preparation glass chopping board are often less than 6mm thick, so imagine what a 19mm thick toughened glass worktop will be like.

But it’s not just about resilience. In fact you can take durability as standard. Glass is tough – but it goes far beyond that. Because worktops made from glass offer something for everyone, Whatever type of person you are, and whatever sort of things go on in your kitchen, glass worktops tick all of the right boxes.

Perhaps you’re looking for glamour, style and a chic new look that sets our kitchen apart? Glass worktops and glass splashbacks excel beyond the capability of any other material used in kitchens or bathrooms.

Perhaps you’re looking for a work surface which will brighten your kitchen and create the feeling of lightness and space. Glass worktops and glass splashbacks have a clear advantage over all other materials used. They’re clear. This lets light pass through, lets the light become refracted and reflected, creating worktops and splashbacks which glow, and throw light around the whole room creating a brighter, lighter atmosphere, and making the entire kitchen feel bigger and more spacious.

Perhaps you’re looking for a work surface which offers exceptional hygiene. Glass worktops offer the same benefits as the glass chopping boards and food preparation boards used by the professional chefs. Glass isn’t porous like many other types of surface material, and doesn’t have natural fissures or seams like many others. Glass doesn’t peel, and provides no room for bacteria to gather and breed. Glass worktops and glass splashbacks are the most hygienic and safe worktops available, helping to keep your whole family safe.

Perhaps you’re looking for kitchen worktops and splashbacks which offer value for money on a tight budget. Glass worktops are one of the most affordable there is, helping your money go very much further.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a worktop design which is unique to you and your kitchen? Modern manufacturing methods now enable glass worktops and splashbacks to be constructed and moulded in almost any shape your imagination can conceive. Curves, sleek lines, cutouts, embedded lighting, drainage channels – if you can imagine it, it can probably be made, and for much less than you’d imagine.

So whatever your reasons for considering the many different materials currently available for the manufacture of kitchen worktops and splashbacks, including tiles, granite, quartz, steel and wood veneer, only worktops made from glass and glass splashbacks manage to tick all of the boxes. But tick boxes alone can’t hope to come close to showing you just how stunning glass worktops can look. Safe, hygienic, affordable, stunning, stylish, chic, durable, resilient and able to be crafted into almost any size, shape or design you wish. Whatever goes on in your kitchen, make sure it goes on top of glass with class.


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